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Water System Improvements 

Providing clean drinking water to communities is an ever-increasing need that requires specialized knowledge. FE has successfully completed comprehensive studies and designed cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for many water supply and distribution projects. Our experience covers all phases of a water system - from supply planning and analysis to treatment plant, waterline, pumping station, and storage facility design.

City of Quitman


The City of Quitman has faced severe water quality issues during the past several years, including THM's which are created due to the mix of chlorine with the naturally ocurring bromides and total organic carbon in the aquifer. To avoid a costly water treatment facility, FE has advised the City to use a different aquifer as its water supply source.  With assistance from FE, the City has obtained multiple funding sources  in order to complete the following improvements to improve water quality and distribution throughout the City.


  • 1500 gpm Water Supply Well 

  • Tank Rehabilitation and Aeration Improvements

  • Distribution System Improvements

Additional Muncipal Water System Improvements


Serving as a partner to our clients, FE has assisted municipalites by providing  funding application assistance, design phase services, and construction phase services  for multiple water improvements projects.  Sample projects include: 


  • Village of Pachuta 

    • Water Treatment Facility Improvements

    • Tank Rehabiliation

    • Distribution System Improvements


  • Town of Enterprise

    • Water Supply Well Improvements

    • Water Distribution Improvements

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