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Wastewater System Improvements

FE is a leader in providing innovative and cost-effectivewastewater treatment design. In addition to traditional wastewater collection and treatment design, we specialize in assisting small municipalites with meeting changing NPDES permit requirements within their existing wastewater treatment facilities. FE recognizes the importance of our clients’ mission to provide safe and reliable wastewater collection and treatment services to their customers while balancing their budgets.Our familiarity with regulations, policies, and procedures, including permitting requirements and design criteria, enables us to provide recommendations that are compliant and include necessary redundancy, efficiency and safety features. Our goal is to provide our customers with customized, economical solutions which allow for ease of operations, flexibility, and sustainability for years to come. 

Town of Decatur - Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Improvements 

When The Town of Decatur approached FE, the Town was facing the a $1 million upgrade at its two existing wastewater treatment lagoons to meet ammonia limits. Instead of recommending the typical and expected design, FE designed a Moving Bed Biological Reactor that the Town constructed.  This cost saving measure reduced the Town's cost for lagoon improvements from $1 million to $15,000. Since that time FE has continued to work with the Town and design wastewater treatment lagoon improvements that meet the Town's needs and budget such as the design and installation of a duck weed removal system.


Village of Pachuta - Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Cover Installation

Due to decreased flow in recent years, the Village of Pachuta had violated its MDEQ discharge permit once and expected numerous more violations without improvements to its wastewater treatement lagoon.  These improvements included installation of bypass piping, replacement of the aeration and mixing equipment, replacement of the failing disinfection system, and the addition of a cover system.


Fontaine Engineering assisted the Village with pursuing and obtaining grant funds for this needed wastewater treatment facility improvement.

Lagoon Cover System
Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Solids Removal

Numerous small municpalities are struggling with meeting the NPDES discharge permit limits at existing wastewater treatment facilityies due to solids build-up in existing lagoons.  This solids build-up reduces ability of the lagoon to treat the influent wastewater.  FE has assisted numerous municipaliites with pursuing and obtaining grant funds for solids removal along with other needed  improvements as well as providing design and construction phase services.   Sample completed improvements have included dredging to remove accumulated sludge, grit chamber installation, installation of a new aeration system, and other operational improvements.




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